About the Guild

Our Aim / Mission

  • To promote the free exchange of technical knowledge for all individuals in our industry.
  • To keep all members up to date on issues they feel relevant through verbal exchange (i.e. lecture and seminars) and written reports in order that survival and progress is possible.
  • To develop links with other organisation’s in order to exchange information for mutual benefit of all within the industry.
  • To have Guild members as representatives on all relevant bodies in order that the opinion of members is voiced in all forums.
  • To maintain contact between individuals with similar aspirations and ideas.

How we started

The Guild was formed in 1949 by a group of ex-students who, having completed their studies wished to be kept informed about the industry it’s process and problems.

The Guild is a technical and professional society whose aim is to further knowledge and skill in all branches of the industry. The Guild is not a trade association and membership is for the individuals who are members in their own right.

An independent organisation, the Guild is administered by Honorary Officials elected from the various centres from around the country.

The Guild and You


The Guild is the recognised examining body for the Dry Cleaning and Laundry industry and awards Certificates to successful candidates in a wide range of practical and theoretical subjects, enabling students qualify for numerous positions in the industry.


The Guild is not a training body but works closely with the training providers. Each Guild Centre includes one training evening in its programme of events and meetings.

Lectures And Seminars

National conferences and seminars are held at conveniently situated venues, giving members the opportunity to hear a variety of distinguished speakers on specialised subjects and for social interchange on a national scale.

The Annual Conference is the highlight of the Guild Year, held at the weekend, generally the first week in March, it is a gathering point for members. Lectures on current topics and discussion groups bring members up-to-date with technical progress in the industry.

Marketing Information

The industry can only survive if it has a viable place in the market. All the skill expended on fabric care must be presented to the customer in the most cost effective way. At Centre meetings this vital aspect of our industry is given adequate attention and at most meetings valuable information can be obtained.

A Voice In The Industry

The informality of the Guild meetings allows all members, including new members to feel at ease, to express opinions or ask questions. Your voice will be listened to in the Guild, your opinion may well be recorded and published. Thus you can influence the shape of your industry and improve your prospects within it. Each Centre is a microcosm of the industry. The future could be altered by your comments or questions to the right person.