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Research into the Risk of Cross Contamination in Low Temperature Processing

It was during 2018 the Guild of Cleaners and Launderers discussed the risks of cross contamination in low temperature processing following two BBC TV features about the risk of an epidemic/pandemic such as the so-called Spanish flu which killed so many people after the first world war, and actually killed more than the war itself.

The Guild expected wide support for funding for the project but only the Worshipful Company of Launderers could see and understand the merits of this research and therefore match funded the Guild’s contribution.

The research was carried out by Northumbria University, Prof John Dean and Dr Stephen Reed leading the team, and the University was chosen because of their experience in the field of detergents and textiles. The Guild is indebted to those within the supply industry who supported the project with chemicals/detergents and the suggested wash programmes, also thanks must go to the industry retail sector who offered premises for the field work. Appreciation must also go the Worshipful Company of Launderers who backed the initiative with funding and finally to the University itself who continued with the project, although on a much-reduced scale, even though funding missed the level of support it really required.

The University agreed with the Guild to set the project with three targets:

  1. To check on the survivability of microorganisms in ambient conditions on textiles.
  2. To investigate the effectiveness of water-based cleaning on the removal of microorganisms from natural and synthetic fibres.
  3. To carry out field work at an actual dry cleaner and for this the Uni would need to provide control swatches and then screen them both at pre and post process to identify for bacteria contamination.

The fabrics chosen for the trials were selected from the most popular fibres encountered in laundry and dry cleaning, wool, cotton, and polyester. This video was put together from the results of the research, but viewers will see it leaves remaining questions unanswered and the industry would benefit from additional research.

Guild Promotional Video

The Guild of Cleaners and Launderers is an organisation for the laundry and dry cleaning industry that sets standards and promotes competence. It is the qualifying and standard setting body for the industry. This video is a short description of some of the benefits available to the dry cleaning sector. If you want more detail please contact or

Stain Removal Promotional Video

The Guild of Cleaners and Launderers is the professional and qualifying body for the dry cleaning and laundry industry and this video has been put together to help viewers to improve their stain removal skills.

We start with this video at a basic level advising on the best available knowledge and best practice to handle your customer’s valuable items with care and consideration. Stain removal is important to customers when choosing a dry cleaner because it is most often a deciding factor when deciding when to have an item cleaned and if the stain is not removed then the customer may be dissatisfied and maybe not visit you with repeat business.

Later in the series of virtual online presentations we will follow this presentation with another at a more advanced level but before then we recommend that you follow and practice the methods and techniques shown and build up your skills and ability.

Ozone in Low Temperature Processing

Video of a presentation at a Technical Seminar in 2020 with Graham Oakley, director of the Laundry Efficiency Group, explaining the use of ozone in Low Temperature Laundry Processing. This from a series of presentations being made available.

Fires Can Close a Business Down

There are currently an average of two laundry fires per week in the UK. In this video, taken at a Technical Seminar at Launderers’ Hall, London, Ron Davidson FGCL talks about his experiences and thoughts after a fire at Cottage Linen Services. The video contains useful tips, advice and offers useful precautions for all commercial launderers.

Tonrose Trade Linens Presentation to a Technical seminar during 2020

The speaker for this presentation is Joe Molly from the Trade Linen division of the Tonrose Group. Joe was originally from Northern Ireland a country that is famous for its traditional fine linen and the home of some of the finest of these manufacturers.

Joe, as a Graduate Trainee, joined a company in that region during the mid 1980’s and was schooled in all aspects of linen and towel manufacture to the most exacting of standards and 35 years later he continues to apply the same principles because getting it right never changes and the World’s finest Hotels and Restaurants appreciate this when looking for a supplier.

Along with his partner Robert Gaye they started Trade Linens, which is now part of the Tonrose group, and in this presentation he talks to us about supplying luxury quality linen right down to every flawless stitch; linen designed to withstand continuous commercial laundering. Supplying these to some of the finest 5 star Hotels and restaurants in the World.

Laundry Processing Corvid 19 Contaminated Items and EN14065

A Guild of Cleaners and Launderers’ video on laundering Corvid 19 contaminated items and explanation of RABC contamination control supporting EN14065.

January 2021 Joint online Seminar Worshipful Company of Launderers and the Guild of Cleaners and Launderers

The Guild of Cleaners and Launderers and the Worshipful Company of Launderers present in their Textile Care Joint Seminar series in this January 2021 issue two presentations for launderers and dry cleaners.

The first feature is titled On Premise Laundry or Professional Laundry Services, by Ron Davidson FGCL, who compares the benefits of a professional laundry service to that of an OPL.

The second feature is entitled “Managing Customer Expectations” in which Brian Pearce FGCL explains how to avoid customer complaints and expensive claims. This joint seminar was held on Wednesday 20th of January 2021.

Joint Guild WC of L FEBRUARY 2021 SEMINAR Richard Newton and Roger Cawood

Richard Newton and Roger Cawood appearing at the Joint Guild of Cleaners and Launderers and the Worshipful Company of Launderers FEBRUARY 2021 online SEMINAR.

Richard’s presentation covers the procedures necessary when closing a laundry down and also when reopening at the time of national lockdowns due to Covid 19.

Roger’s presentation covers an in depth study of textiles frequently needing cleaning/washing and gives practical advice on the problems and features of fabrics and fibres.

Seminar Featuring Viroblock Laundry Additive to destroy Viruses & Choosing Linen For Laundry Rental

Textile Care Seminar featuring Viroblock a Laundry Additive to destroy Viruses & Choosing Linen For Laundry Rental. The March edition from the series jointly issued by the Guild of Cleaners and Launderers and the Worshipful Company of Launderers.

Speakers from HeiQ a Swiss based Company, speaker Paul Middleton, who have developed a laundry additive that destroys viruses and kills bacteria. And from Richard Haworth, Rod Nutter, aided by Ian Yates and Chris Kingsford, who explain the choices to make when selecting linen and towels for a laundry rental operation.

Treatment of Coronavirus Contaminated Laundry plus Care in Receiving Items for Dry Cleaning featured

Update on the treatment of Coronavirus Contaminated Laundry plus Receiving, Sorting, and Classifying Retail Dry Cleaning is two of the headline subjects in this the April 2021 Joint Seminar organised by the Worshipful Company of Launderers and the Guild of Cleaners and Launderers. Three Papers all expertly presented.

Colin Paterson of Total Fabric Solutions opens with an in depth study of the requirements to be taken when receiving items for dry cleaning if problems are to be avoided later. Expertly given with pictorial evidence to back up the main points provided.

The second paper was given by David Benson, from Christeyns, who gave an excellent presentation which included work undertaken by the De Montford University, in Leicester, on the time coronavirus can contaminate textiles and included temperatures and processes that eliminated contamination.

The third and final presentation was given by two speakers from Ecolab’s European offices who are introduced by Bob Morrish, Ecolabs UK Director of Marketing. Reindert Baars who is based in Holland gives an outline of the services of the company and colleague Heike Kropf, in Germany, in her part, tells of the importance not only of removing the virus in washing but continuing to decontaminate at all stages in the operation and equally in keeping the employees safe and clear of any cross contamination.

Hi Tech Work Wear In Laundry Processing

Video taken at Launderer’s Hall London in 2020 at a Seminar featuring Steve Hill from Wearwell UK specialist suppliers of workwear made from technical fabrics for specific job functions. Over 54 minutes Steve explains the properties and the legislation behind a range of special fabrics to an audience of laundry professionals.

This video includes other video content that contains flashing images and images of Health and Safety breaches that some viewers may find distressing and these have been included to emphasise safety protocol.