Best practice at Her Majesty’s Prisons

The first prisoner to take practical laundry qualifications was awarded his certificates including Laundry Technician on 18th May 2004 and since then the numbers enrolling and being assessed has increased.

Instructional Officers also received the awards and we are informed that many more prisoners have begun training and joining the many who have already qualified.

The HMP officers have stated that the training courses had given not only the prisoners but the Officers themselves, a much wider understanding of laundry procedures and had increased everyone’s interest in their jobs. For many of the prisoners the course had given them added interest because they had felt they might never achieve any qualifications previously. They had renewed feeling of self worth and had confidence in themselves. The qualifications had boosted moral and encouraged others to try to obtain them.

They had a better chance of obtaining a job once released and many felt it was a major step towards their re-habilitation into society.

The Prison Laundry was also awarded Training and Assessment accreditation by the Guild.