Laundry Technology Training Notes

Laundry Technology Training Notes


The future of the Laundry industry is a challenging one and there is a need to encourage people to gain better skills and be qualified to fill key roles within the business. This training manual has been produced to provide the technical knowledge and understanding for the student to be of future benefit to both themselves and their employer in the workplace.

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Divided into twenty sections it provides an ideal framework for learning and has been built up from the experience of the supply of course notes to candidates on Guild laundry technology training courses. The Guild have a long tradition, and much experience of the delivery of training for qualifications based upon the recognition of the ability of the candidate to work at a pace within their own capability and progression, and this a suite of distinctive technical and practical work-based units, which will suit the learning style of those involved in laundering.

Using these course notes for those in training will help people to acquire the essential skills to progress within the business and industry benefiting both themselves and their employer. Adequate technical laundry training could lead to improved quality, reduction of costs, and better retention rates of the more capable employee, as well as improved awareness of Health and Safety.

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