Guild Membership

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Benefits of Membership and New Guild Assist Membership

guild_plus_logoMembers of the Guild of Cleaners and Launderers commit themselves to the ideals of high standards of professional conduct, which protects the interests of customers and safeguards the right of the public. This is achieved by a continuing quest for professionalism, through competent service to the customer and moral integrity, dedicating members to welfare of the public through environmentally sound practices.

Being a members allows you access to the members content section of this website where you can download the SolvCalc software for FREE as part of your membership. There are also regular updates for the dry cleaners and helpful information if you are failing to keep up within the Solvent Emissions Directive.

So as our members fully benefit from this commitment we have completely rebranded our image and produced a comprehensive selection of support material.

  • Individual Membership Certificate
    Can be displayed within the Member’s premises by the registered member.
  • Membership Certificate
    Designed to be prominently displayed (near the entrance to your premises) to provide public assurance of your commitment to quality and professionalism.
  • Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice Poster
    To be prominently displayed in your premises to assure the public that members are guided by a code of ethics to ensure that the Guild’s ideals are maintained and that you have agreed a minimum common standard of practice.


Q Stars Qualification Scheme

q-stars-logosLevels of the industry training and qualification are achievable through this scheme in the categories of Dry Cleaning, Wet Cleaning, Stain Removal, Garment Finishing and Retail Sales. In addition, we have a renewed commitment to actively promote our association with the textile care industries through an ongoing press campaign, both consumer and trade and through publication of regular newsletters, posters, information sheets and exhibition displays. We also provide our members with all the necessary brand identity for screen and print use.

More Membership Benefits

  • Networking with other professionals in the industry
  • FREE registration for the Annual Conference
  • Discounted Prices for Examinations
  • Discounted Prices for Guild Publications
  • Access to the Members Area of this Website


Levels of Membership

Choose your membership level by clicking one of the buttons below. You will be directed to our online ordering section to purchase your subscription. Alternatively, to request a membership pack please email the Guild Secretariat at
Ordinary  Membership is open to all individuals directly employed in the Dry Cleaning and Laundry industry and allied trades. £105
Associate  Associateship of The Guild is attainable only by one of two routes.
1. By Examination:

  • The applicant should have qualified by examination for the award of Licentiateship of the Guild.
  • The applicant should have been a fully paid-up member of the Guild for at least three years.
  • The applicant should have had at least five years Practical/Technical/Managerial experience within the textile care industries.

2. By Exemption:

  • The applicant must be able to demonstrate to The Guild Examination Board that he/she holds equivalent and appropriate qualifications to Licentiateship.
  • The applicant may be asked to attend an interview with the Examination Board.

Associateship members shall be entitled to use the letters AGCL after their name.

  • The applicant should have been a fully paid-up member of the Guild for at least three years.
  • The applicant should have had at least five years Practical/Technical/Managerial experience in the Textile Care industries.
  • Must either hold certificates in:
    • Advanced Dry Cleaning Technology or Advanced Technology of Washing (formerly Advanced Laundry Technology) and
    • Textiles for Advanced Launderers and Dry Cleaners and
    • Three certificates from: Dry Cleaning Practice (Machine Operation), Stain Removal, Customer Relations, Intermediate Technology of Laundry Finishing Hospital Linen Services


  • Have undertaken and passed a suitable course/qualification in the Textile Care Industry, which the Examination Board agrees is of sufficient content to merit the award, based on the requirements above (such as a current NVQ Level 2, or above, in our industry skills).

In addition to the above the applicant MUST have either:

  • Presented a paper of technical merit to a Guild or other open meeting, or
  • Prepared, and had published a technical paper of no less than 2000 words for inclusion in the Guild’s publications.

Subject to the information received, the applicant may be asked to:

  • Undergo a practical examination, conducted by the relevant chief examiner.
  • Submit a technical paper or a copy of a previous paper.
Fellow  Fellowship is an honour, not a qualification. It is bestowed by invitation from the College of Fellows. £115
Corporate  For businesses and suppliers providing a bespoke service to the Guild.
Honorary  Honorary membership is a lifelong honour and allows for continued free membership to the Guild.
Junior For all individuals who are under 25 years old. £62